Updates Linnea Tanner and Apollo’s Raven

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Updates Linnea Tanner and Apollo’s Raven

European Trip

I’ve just returned from a trip to the United Kingdom, Germany, and France with my granddaughter, Maylin, and my husband, Tom.  It seemed fitting that Maylin, who has posed as the Celtic warrior princess Catrin from APOLLO’S RAVEN on my website, would accompany me on this journey.

Catrin, Celtic Warrior Princess and Druidess

One of the highlights of the journey was visiting Dover and hiking the white cliffs, the location of where APOLLO’S RAVEN first starts.

Tom and Maylin Hiking White Cliffs of Dover

It again reminded me of the exhilaration of looking over the sheer white precipice and seeing ships sailing out of the haze over the ocean channel.

White Cliffs of Dover

Below is a photograph of Maylin posing on a gate leading to a hiking path on the white cliffs.

Maylin on Pathway of Dover Cliffs

More details and photographs that I took on the trip will be highlighted in future blog posts.

Special Deals on Apollo’s Raven

APOLLO’S RAVEN is being featured as the book of the day on Online Book Club today! The e-book is now offered at the reduced price of 99 cents today on Amazon. As additional bonuses, you can get the audiobook free if you enroll in the 30-day audibles trial and the e-book is free if you purchase the paperback.

Beginning August 30th for one week, the e-book of APOLLO’S RAVEN will be offered at various worldwide online sites for 99 cents.

Again, thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes,
Linnea Tanner

4 Responses to "Updates Linnea Tanner and Apollo’s Raven"
  1. Rita Roerts says:

    Thanks for the updates Linnea. Glad you enjoyed Dover.There is also a castle there did you visit it.? Really enjoy reading your posts.

    • linneatanner@skybeam.com says:

      Thank you, Rita, for your gracious comment. We also visited the castle and the tunnels in the White Cliffs. The area is so rich in history from the Roman occupation, through the High Middle Ages with Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II, and to World War II. We took a tour in the tunnels where allied strategic planning was conducted during World War II, including the mass evacuation of troops from Dunkirk. I plan to see the newly released movie Dunkirk today. I always enjoy your posts on new archaeological findings, particularly with the Minoans. Love our connection. Have a wonderful weekend!

      Best wishes,

  2. Christy B says:

    Wonderful that you had a great trip, Linnea 🙂 You deserve the getaway after the hard work done on your book and promotions. I wish you all the best! The white cliffs of Dover await me one day.

    • linneatanner@skybeam.com says:

      Thank you, Christy, for your comments. It was a wonderful getaway to recharge. Walking the pathways of the white cliffs near Dover always inspires me. It is such a exhilarating experience to look over the sheer steep cliffs. Take care, my friend.

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