Update Apollo’s Raven Release April 10

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Update Apollo’s Raven Release April 10

Exciting news! The first book in the Apollo’s Raven series will be released on April 10th. The historical fiction/epic fantasy fulfills my lifelong dream to publish a story based on a character I first imagined as a child.

Catrin, Celtic Warrior Princess and Druidess

You can pre-order the paperback (ISBN 978-0-9982300-0-9), the e-book ISBN (978-0-9982300-2-3), and the special edition hardcover book (ISBN 978-0-9982300-1-6) at  http://amzn.to/2nQLHhC.

The following video book trailer is a glimpse of the upcoming release of Apollo’s Raven https://youtu.be/fRUBJa-e_1o

About Apollo’s Raven Series

The Apollo’s Raven series weaves historical fiction into an epic Celtic tale of love, magic, adventure, intrigue and betrayal. The series follows two star-crossed lovers in the backdrop of Ancient Rome and Britannia spanning from 24 AD through 40 AD. The Apollo’s Raven epic series is inspired by the legacy of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, but with a Celtic twist. The heroine is based on historical accounts and mythology of Celtic warrior queens. Her Roman lover is the great-grandson of Mark Antony. The vastly different cultures of the empire-building Romans and the mystical Celts in Britannia set the backdrop to the series.

Important Update on Website

Integrating my previous blog with my new author website has posed unexpected challenges. We’re now working through the issues to make sure posts from my previous blog are included on this website.

The switch over to the new website also impacted my WordPress blog entitled, “Apollo’s Raven,” https://apollosraven.wordpress.com. At this point, it will be maintained as a separate blog.

I appreciate everyone’s patience the last couple months as we worked through these.


Subscribers from my previous blog have been integrated with new subscribers of this website. I cherish the friendship and interactions I’ve had with my subscribers and hope you will continue to follow me on the new website.

As a special thank you, all subscribers will be given the opportunity to download free the first three chapters of Apollo’s Raven. A separate e-mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to download this.

Subscribers to my new website will receive periodic newsletters and notifications of new posts on my blog and media buzz. My blog will highlight my ongoing research, book reviews, and author interviews. This summer, I plan to travel to the United Kingdom and will give on-the-spot reports on sites I visit and new discoveries.

Subscribers will be notified of special offers and giveaways in the future.

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