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Seasons Greetings; Apollos Raven Updates

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SEASON’S GREETINGS The holiday season and New Year is a time to reflect on the blessings of family and friends who have enhanced our lives. I would like to thank everyone who has shared my adventures in exploring the mystique of the Ancient Celts and the Roman Empire on APOLLO’S RAVEN. This year, I have […]

La Tène Period Celtic Golden Age (Part 2)

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In the Gaul of those days kingdoms and thrones were as often as not the prize of any more prominent chief who could afford to gather around him a large mercenary force; and this practice, it was felt, under Roman rule, would be considerably curtailed —Julius Caesar La Tène Period Celtic Golden Age Historical Chronology […]

Linnea Tanner Heroine Mythological Adventure

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  Introduction Linnea Tanner is a native of Colorado where she attended the University of Colorado and earned her BA and MS in chemistry. After working in the pharmaceutical industry, she is now an aspiring writer of historical fantasy, romance, and adventure based on her lifelong passion for Ancient Rome, Celtic Britain, and mythology.    […]

Statue in Parc de la Tête d’Or, Lyon

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Statue in Lyon Park A visitor to my blog recently e-mailed me asking for more information of a statue that I photographed and previously posted on APOLLO’S RAVEN.  This statue, a globe levered by 7 men, is located in Parc de la Tête d’Or (Park of the Golden Head), central Lyon, France. In this photograph, my daughter […]

Apollo, God of Divination

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“Let him magnify the truth, it will magnify him. Let him strengthen truth, it will strengthen him.” —Leabhar na Nuachonghbala (Book of Leinster), 95-117 AD MYTHOLOGICAL JOURNEY Fulfilling a destiny is a common theme in the mythological journey of a hero or heroine. In conducting research for my novel, APOLLO’S RAVEN, I was intrigued by the […]