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Ancient Celtic Religion: Ancestral Gods and Mother Goddess

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Myths of the Great Goddess teach compassion for all living beings. There you come to appreciate the real sanctity of the earth itself, because it is the body of the Goddess—Joseph Campbell   Introduction As we continue exploring the mystique of the Ancient Celtic religion, we discover their beliefs have similarities to the Greeks and […]

Raven Powers

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Tweet Raven Powers What does Baltimore have in common with Celtic warriors? Answer: Raven Powers. Now that I am more than half-way through the first draft of my second novel with the working title, Raven’s Black Fire, I was pleasantly surprised to find inspiration from the Baltimore Ravens in their play-off and Super Bowl games. […]

Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure—Celtic Spiritual Warrior (Part 3)

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Tweet     I have fled in the shape of a raven of prophetic speech —Taliesin’s Song of his Origins, 6th century Raven Tattoo One of the challenges in the photo shoot was to transform my eleven-year-old granddaughter, Maylin, into the adolescent Celtic warrior princess, Catrin—the heroine in APOLLO’S RAVEN. Isabelle Kai, a makeup artist from Boulder, […]

Apollo and Coronis; White Raven; Association with Healing

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 As soon as Apollo was born on Delus among the goddesses who helped him into life, he defined his spheres of influence: “Let the lyre and curving bow be possessions to call my own, and for humans let me proclaim the unerring counsel of Zeus” (Homeric Hymn to Apollo, 131f). Apollo and Coronis In Greek […]