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Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Gaul (Part 4)

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Tweet ADVENTURES IN GAUL (PART 4) Massilia Roman Gaul (Marseille, France) Sonja and I continued our journey on a train heading south alongside the Rhone River to the coastal town of Marseille, France—the ancient site of Massilia Roman Gaul where Catrin, Celtic warrior princess, and Marcellus, her Apollo-like Roman love interest, journey in APOLLO’S RAVEN. […]

Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Gaul (Part 3)

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Tweet ADVENTURES IN GAUL (PART 3) Lugdunum Roman Gaul (Lyon, France) On the last day of our adventure to rediscover the ancient sites where Catrin, Celtic warrior princess, journeys in APOLLO’S RAVEN, my daughter, Sonja, and I discovered the Botanical Garden of Lyon—an eight-acre haven of lush gardens, greenhouse, blue-green lake, mythological statues and zoo. […]

Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Gaul (Part 2)

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Tweet ADVENTURES IN GAUL (PART 2) Lugdunum Roman Gaul  (Lyon, France) Unshaken, resolved to find the archaeological excavation of the arena where gladiators fought in Lugdunum Roman Gaul (Lyon, France) in APOLLOS’ RAVEN, I continued to ask storekeepers, waitpersons, any friendly person on the street, and even my husband back in the USA, “Where’s the […]

Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Gaul (Part 1)

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ADVENTURES IN GAUL (Part 1) Lutetia Roman Gaul (modern Paris, France)  In August 2011, Sonja and I journeyed to France, known as Gaul in Ancient Rome, to discover the historical sites where Catrin, Celtic warrior princess,  journeys in APOLLO’S RAVEN. Our first stop was Lutetia, Lutèce in French, the name given to the future Paris by […]

Quest for Catrin, Celtic Woman Warrior

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Tweet   QUEST FOR CATRIN Photographic Vision of Catrin In April of this year, I began a quest to create a photographic vision of CATRIN—the free-spirited Celtic princess in my completed novel, APOLLO’S RAVEN. Set in first-century Britain, Catrin has been trained as a warrior alongside men in her kingdom and has a deep spiritual […]

Women Warriors: Myth; Historical and Archaeological Evidence

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“The images of myth are reflection of the spiritual potentialities in every one of us. Through contemplating these, we evoke their powers in our own lives.” —Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth Introduction The credibility of women warriors described in myths and legends is supported by not only historical accounts, but also by recent archaeological […]

Heroine Mythological Adventure

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Tweet Introduction Linnea Tanner is a native of Colorado where she attended the University of Colorado and earned her BA and MS in chemistry. After working in the pharmaceutical industry, she is now an aspiring writer of historical fantasy, romance, and adventure based on her lifelong passion for Ancient Rome, Celtic Britain, and mythology.   […]