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British Kings Atrebates

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Cities and Thrones and Powers Stand in Time’s eye, Almost as long as flowers, Which daily die, But, as new buds put forth To glad new men, Out of the spent and unconsidered Earth, The Cities rise again —Rudyard Kipling British Kings Atrebates Introduction Julius Caesar described the tribes in southeast Britain as being similar […]

Cunobelin Celtic British King

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One thing that comes out in myths is that at the bottom of the abyss comes the voice of salvation. The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light—Joseph Campbell Cunobeline Celtic British King Cunobelin was considered the greatest of all […]

British Tribal Dynasties

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Once having transversed the threshold, the hero moves in a dream landscape of curiously fluid, ambiguous forms, where he must survive a succession of trials. –Joseph Campbell   Julius Caesar’s Impact British Tribal Dynasties The most important impact of Caesar on the British scene was to divide the southeastern British tribal dynasties into pro- and […]

Celtic British Kings

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In our sleep and in our dreams we pass through the whole thought of earlier humanity. The dream carries us back into earlier stages of human culture and affords us a means of understanding it better —Friedrich Neitzsche Celtic British Kings Even before Caesar’s invasions of Britain, there is evidence that ambitious aristocrats manifested their […]