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Apollo and Coronis; Apollo’s Raven; God of Healing

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Apollo and Coronis In Greek mythology, there is a tale of Apollo falling in love with Coronis, a Thessalian princess of unsurpassed beauty. He ordered his divine messenger, a pure white raven, to guard her. Though Coronis was pregnant with Apollo’s child, she gave in to the advances of a mere mortal, Prince Ischys, and betrayed her […]

Apollo and Coronis; White Raven; Association with Healing

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 As soon as Apollo was born on Delus among the goddesses who helped him into life, he defined his spheres of influence: “Let the lyre and curving bow be possessions to call my own, and for humans let me proclaim the unerring counsel of Zeus” (Homeric Hymn to Apollo, 131f). Apollo and Coronis In Greek […]