Apollo’s Raven Book Review Historical Novel Society

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Apollo’s Raven Book Review Historical Novel Society

I am pleased to share the review of Apollo’s Raven (Historical Fiction / Fantasy) that was posted by the Historical Novel Society (HNS) in their August 2017 Newsletter. The Historical Novel Society is a literary society devoted to promoting the enjoyment of historical fiction of which I am a member and reviewer.

The official review can be found in HNR Issue 81 (August 2017).

Apollo’s Raven


AD 24. Catrin, a Celtic princess, and Marcellus, a Roman, were ordered to gather information about each other’s families. They were never supposed to fall in love. Marcellus is the great-grandson of Mark Antony, and he fears his budding affection for a foreign princess will lead to his own early death as befell his infamous ancestor. Catrin is a warrior princess with the powers of ancient druidesses running through her veins. There is a dark prophecy hanging over her family, and Roman support of her brother, banished for beheading two children and physically attacking Catrin, casts the curse into their midst. As Catrin begins to harbor feelings for her family’s enemy, will she be able to overcome the dark magic which threatens to destroy her homeland? Or will Catrin’s and Marcellus’ forbidden love incite a war for which her brother, the Blood Wolf, will lead the charge?

Apollo’s Raven is a historical fantasy with strong elements of romance, political intrigue, and magic. Many surprising twists enrich the historically-drawn plot. Points of view shift between different characters effectively, heightening the tension from one moment to the next. I love the scenes contrasting the cultures of Celtic Britannia and Rome, during which Tanner’s research really shines. My only complaint is that some of the dialogue is marked by modern words and expressions. Overall, though, this is an intriguing story with multifaceted characters, including confident and intelligent women protagonists, along with high-stakes situations that will keep you turning the pages. Recommended.


Special Offer Apollo’s Raven

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As always, I would greatly appreciate if you would provide your honest review of Apollo’s Review on the site where you purchase the book. Reviews are one of the best ways that readers can help support an author.

Readers in Hitchin UK

Below are photos of special friends and supporters from Hitchin who helped me celebrate the launch of Apollo’s Raven when I visited the United Kingdom in July 2017.

Clara Holding Apollo’s Raven


Irish Celtic Friend, Liz, Holding Apollo’s Raven


Pete with Apollo’s Raven Book


Maylin & Black-Raven Dog Fans


Courtney and Linnea Celebrating Launch of Apollo’s Raven


Thank you for your continued support.

Linnea Tanner

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  1. Christy B says:

    I love that you are celebrating intelligent female characters with this book – and that readers are noticing it, Linnea! A great review, indeed.

    • linneatanner@skybeam.com says:

      Thank you, Christy, for your comment. I’m delighted that readers have noted the female characters in my novel and am honored by the review by the Historical Novel Society.

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