Apollo’s Raven Flying High

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Apollo’s Raven Flying High

Support by Fellow Authors

Two weeks after the release of Apollo’s Raven on April 10, I’m flying high with gratitude for the support fellow authors have shown me. They have reached out and graciously provided reviews of Apollo’s Raven or interviewed me. This is a tribute to talented authors who generously support and encourage each other.

Today’s post focuses on authors who provided in-depth reviews of advanced copies of Apollo’s Raven which they posted on their websites. In the next post, I’ll highlight my interviews with two other amazing authors, Lisette Brodey and Uvi Poznansky.

Book Reviews Apollo’s Raven

D. N. Frost

D.N. Frost, Fantasy Author, World-builder, and Cartographer

D. N. Frost is a multi-talented fantasy author, world-builder and cartographer. She inspired my vision of Britannia by creating an ancient map of the southeast region included in Apollo’s Raven. She is writing The Tales of the Known World Series. Her love for role-playing games and knack for storytelling drives her to build the Known World, map its lands, and tell its tales. She loves exploring culture, psychology, and language through her characters and their gripping adventures. Be sure to check out D.N.’s website: DNFrost.com

Below is a link to her in-depth review.

“This well-crafted story evokes the tempestuous political climate of Celtic kingdoms, the unpredictable nature of young love, and the little-understood powers of the ancient Druids.”

Click below to read more: 

DN Frost Book Review

Luciana Cavallaro

Luciana Cavallaro, Australian Author of Historical Fiction

Luciana Cavallero is an Australian historical fiction novelist and secondary teacher. She has a passion for mythology and ancient history which inspires her to write Historical Fantasy. She is writing an epic series entitled, Servant of the Gods, which blends time travel and a hero’s journey in the mythic backdrop of Atlantis. We share a mutual love for ancient civilizations and mythology and have become good friends. You will find Luciana in the classroom, teaching and promoting literature. Be sure to check her website: https://luccav.com/

Below is a link to her in-depth review:

“From a historical perspective, Apollo’s Raven is a good introduction to what life was like for the Celtic Brits when the Romans invaded. The plot is intriguing, and the forbidden love angle adds to the punchiness of the story.”

Click below to read more: 

Book review – Apollo’s Raven by Linnea Tanner

Flying High With Giveaways

I am fortunate that I have been able to fulfill my dream of becoming an author and writing the epic Apollo’s Raven series. As with any great adventure, the most fulfilling part of the journey is to meet fellow authors and readers who share the same passion for ancient history and mythology. As always, I’d love to hear your feedback about Apollo’s Raven and encourage you to write a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and/or Goodreads. This is one of the best ways to help authors and offer valuable feedback to readers.

To show my appreciation for those who subscribe to my website, I am offering current subscribers and those who subscribe to my website by May 20th the chance to win one of the following gifts below.

  • limited edition of the hardcover book of Apollo’s Raven
  • paperback of Apollo’s Raven
  • e-book of Apollo’s Raven
  • hand-crafted book stand

Winners will be announced during the week of May 22nd.


Be on the lookout for other promotions and deals toward the end of May and beginning of June.

Best wishes,
Linnea Tanner



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