24 Psychic Abilities Which Any of Us Might Possess

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Emmery Rose, Blogger and

Introduction to Emmery Rose

It is my pleasure to introduce Emmery Rose, a blogger from the Philippines. She has graciously provided a guest post about psychic powers and their connection to mystical abilities which are universally described in various mythology and religions.

Emmerey loves blogging about beauty, fashion and mostly about psychic abilities and powers. She works as an assistant to the psychic medium at Backpackerverse.com. Backpackerverse offers great, in-depth articles on psychic readings and reviews.

Welcome Emmery Rose!

Guest Post: Emmery Rose |24 Psychic Abilities Which Any of Us Might Possess | Apollo’s Raven

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24 Psychic Abilities Which Any of Us Might Possess

Superhero movies and series have become a great attraction in last decade or two. In the end, it makes sense. All of us would like to have special powers and to escape our daily reality. But, where did the idea of superheroes even come from?

Our history is full of stories with humans who possess special powers. If you think about it, Jesus was also one of those individuals. Ancient religions and mythology in general were based on these special powers. It is obvious that this is more than old wives tales as such stories appeared almost simultaneously all over the globe.

These individuals were in fact psychic.

They possessed special powers and up to this day, there are those who are able to perform unimaginable feats twisting our own reality.

Psychics have numerous gifts including:

  1. Apportation (represents the ability to remove objects from our plane of reality and materialize them somewhere else)
  2. Aura reading (allows psychic individual to judge other person’s character by simply sensing his aura)
  3. Automatic writing (the ability to write things without consciousness)
  4. Astral projection (gifted individual is able to detach his spirit from his body)
  5. Multilocation (allows a person to be in several different places at the same time)
  6. Clairvoyance (perhaps the most complex psychic power, gives you extrasensory perception)
  7. Death-warning (warns you if someone in your family or a close person is going to die)
  8. Divination (seeing future or presence by using various objects)
  9. Dowsing (ability to find hidden objects, usually in ground by using a dowsing stick)
  10. Energy medicine (healing with energy)
  11. Empathy (people with this gift are able to recognize other person’s emotions and feel them on their own skin)
  12. Faith healing (unlike energy medicine, in this case person is able to heal with faith)
  13. Levitation (individual can lift himself or another person into the air)
  14. Hydrokinesis (ability to manipulate water)
  15. Pyrokinesis (ability to manipulate fire)
  16. Mediumship (this is an ability to summon spirits of the dead and communicate with them)
  17. Precognition (seeing the future)
  18. Retrocognition (seeing the past, that is past events that didn’t occur to you)
  19. Psychic surgery (surgery which is performed by use of psychic power and allow you to remove malignant tissue)
  20. Telekinesis (moving objects with your mind)
  21. Psychometry (person is able to gain insight into object, its past and its owner simply by touching it)
  22. Remote viewing (ability to gain information by viewing things from a remote location)
  23. Scrying (seeing the future or presence by using crystal objects, usually crystal ball)
  24. Telepathy (ability to read other people’s minds and instil ideas into them)

As you can see, the list is quite long. There are numerous things we can perform with our mind and all it takes is some practice.

But, how does someone become psychic?

Well, a lot of us have at least some predisposition to develop these abilities. In most of the cases, they lie dormant within us and it is very hard even to notice them. However, if you do, there is no need to be alarmed. These psychic abilities are completely normal.

According to some experts, they appear in highly spiritual people. On the other hand, some claim that this is due to unlocking of certain parts of our brain allowing us to have additional powers. Supposedly, there is even more to be done with our brain but most of us never reach that stadium of development.

Psychic abilities are usually transferred from parent to child. However, you might be the first person in your family to notice them. It varies. In majority of the cases, you will experience same or similar things as your parent. Have in mind that a person can have more than one psychic ability so never stop exploring. You might find something very useful.

Finally, it needs to be said that psychic abilities are no laughing matter and they cannot be easily perfected. They require a lot of sacrifice and practice. Person requires a lot of focus and discipline in order to harness them. But, if you have the willpower, we are certain you can do it too!

You can connect with Emmery Rose through Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmerey-rose-967420126

8 Responses to "24 Psychic Abilities Which Any of Us Might Possess"
  1. Luciana says:

    Hi Emmery Rose and Linnea,

    That was very interesting to read. I believe there a very gifted people with extraordinary abilities. I’ve met quite a few and they are amazing.

    Some of the gifts you’ve outlined I was aware of but didn’t know the proper names.

    Thank you.

    best wishes,

    • Hi Luciana,

      I’m also amazed at some of the psychic abilities that were described in this post. I’ve personally experienced some of these, for which there does not seem to be a scientific explanation. It is fascinating how these psychic abilities are attributed to saints in the Catholic religion and heroes/heroines in legends and mythology.

      I appreciate your feedback. Have a great weekend!


  2. This is certainly a fascinating post, Emmery Rose and Linnea. In particular I would love to find out more about energy medicine. Healing with energy sounds divine!

    • Hi Christy,

      I also found Emmery’s post fascinating. Though I have been scientifically trained, there is phenomena that we cannot easily explain. I’ve personally experienced Shamanic healing in which I felt significant pressure release from my shoulder joint and could hear it crackle. As a result, my creative energy was significantly rejuvenated afterwards. I had been skeptical of this type of healing until I experienced this.

      Thank you for your comments. Have a wonderful week.


  3. Aquileana says:

    An excellent post dear Linnea… And so true that these special powers might appear in movies, series and books nowadays… Not to metnion that many Mythological Gods-Goddesses might have them too… If I had to choose I think I ´ll go for Precognition (and viist the Casino soon after)
    Thanks so much for sharing!… sending love & best wishes. Aquileana 😀

    • Hi Aquileana,

      Thank you for your comment regarding psychic abilities. I’ve seen these abilities mentioned in myths and legends, but was unaware there were specific names give to them. Thank you so much for commenting.


  4. Tracy Falbe says:

    I’ve recently become more interested in psychic abilities. I’m a highly empathetic person. I can feel when something is wrong in people. I’m always very sensitive to the emotions of others because I feel them so strongly. As I grow older, I’ve been gaining greater control so I can insulate myself from worldly misery. I also believe my writing allows me to process and project everything I feel from the world. I also suspect I have flashes of precognition sometimes. I wish I could learn to pay attention to these better.

    • Hi Tracy,

      Thank you for your comments regarding psychic abilities. It sounds as if you are highly in tune with these psychic abilities. The experience may be somewhat unnerving at times, but it sounds like you’ve tried to incorporate this into your writing. I’ve found that my “sixth sense” or “gut feeling” often leads to better outcomes that rationalizing the pros and cons. The creative process works best for me when I am open to any thoughts that suddenly come to mind, no matter how bizarre it seems at the time, and then I work it into the story.

      I appreciate your openness in sharing your experience and wish you the best in your writing. Take care, my friend.


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